Improver and Intermediate Drop in Classes

Cuban Salsa for improver and intermediate dancers

We offer drop in classes for those who feel confident with their timing, basic steps and are familiar with La Rueda. This is perfect for those who have completed our Level 1 and Level 2 courses or have danced Cuban salsa for a while. The classes are relaxed and informal, but be ready to be challenged and a little bit more breathless and lightheaded at the end of them!

You can come to the class with or without a partner, it really doesn’t matter, as everyone gets paired up nicely and there are regular changes of partner throughout a class.


Level 3 – Improver (7:30 pm -8:30 pm):

This class is designed for those who are familiar with Cuban salsa and la Rueda and want to keep learning and improving. Our improver classes will expand your knowledge on following & leading techniques and you will learn new partner work combinations. As you probably know, Cuban salsa is not only footwork! It’s feeling the music and following the rhythm. For that reason, this class emphasises the importance of musicality and body movement.

Please note that this is not a beginners class, and basic footwork and la Rueda de Casino calls are expected to be known. For beginners classes, please have a look at our beginners courses!

Level 4 – Intermediate (9:00 pm -10:00 pm):

This class is designed for more advance dancers! Improve your partner work techniques and work some through challenging combinations. Enrich your body movement and styling with our choreographies and continue learning new exciting moves in la Rueda!

Please note that this class moves at a faster pace assuming that students know a wide variety of moves and are confident with their footwork, timing, leading & following techniques.

Which class is for me?

Choosing the right level is very important! Being in a class where you are not challenged enough won’t help you to move forward, but being in a class where the level is too high can discourage and stress you. We recommend everyone to talk to us before joining the class and we can help you to choose the right level for you.


  • Single class (level 3 or level 4) = £8 (students £6)
  • Double class (level 3 + level 4) = £12 (students £9)

What you can expect of a typical class:

  • Warm up and get paired up
  • Partner work techniques
  • The class always finishes with “La Rueda”. It’s the perfect way to practice all the moves taught during the class all together.

What you will learn:

  • Enriched body movement and styling
  • Increase your repertoire of dance rhythms, steps and moves.
  • Body positioning
  • Partner dancing technique (continue working on leading and following skills).
  • Partner work combinations
  • Afro-cuban moves
  • Rueda de Casino


More about La Rueda:

La Rueda was developed in La Havana (Cuba) in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. It is also referred to as La Rueda de Casino – which literally means “wheel of casino”. It consists of pairs of dancers forming a circle with dance moves called out by one person, the caller. As part of La Rueda, men move from one partner to another when the word “Dame” is said. It is the signal for male dancer to move to the next female partner in the circle. Many of the moves involve rapidly swapping partners so you need to have mastered the basic salsa steps.

It’s great for promoting teamwork and group bonding as everyone needs to work together and make it happen! La Rueda is full of energy and fun so be ready to feel how amazing dancing Cuban salsa can be!

La Rueda guarantees the class ends with lots of smiles, laughter, and a feeling of great satisfaction!

Watch video about La Rueda

I’ve been teaching cuban salsa for over seven years. I love what I do, and I get huge satisfaction of seeing my students improve and gain in confidence with every class. My personal mission for Afrodesia Salsa is quite simple:  To teach as many people one of the most sensual and feel-good dances on the planet.