I’ve been teaching Cuban Salsa for over fifteen years, and as a qualified chinese martial arts instructor for even longer. I truly love what I do, and I get huge satisfaction of seeing my students improve and gain in confidence with every class.  

My personal mission for Afrodesia Salsa is quite simple:  To teach as many people one of the most sensual and feel-good dances on the planet.

How my love for Cuban salsa began…

When the salsa dance craze first hit the UK, I decided to go along to a Cuban salsa night. Not because I knew how to salsa – I didn’t know – but because I had a mad passion for Cuban music, which began in my youth with a love of Afro-­Cuban jazz.

A meeting of two different and yet similar disciplines…

Like most people, I enjoyed dancing but I didn’t consider myself as a dancer. However, I was surprised to discover that the natural circular movements and energy of martial arts, wasn’t dissimilar to the continuous rhythmic flow of Cuban Salsa. I was now not only hooked to the sound of Cuban music, but the movement of the dance also. 

My teaching style

At Afrodesia Salsa, I encourage positive learning in a fun and relaxed way. This helps put newer students at ease and regular students in the mood to have their weekly dose of fun and dance. However, I ensure classes have the right amount of structure and a set programme of learning for each level. So along with the fun and socialising, my students build on their techniques with each class.

To find out if Afrodesia Salsa is for you, just come along to a class, I’d love to see you there!

Just drop me a line to find out more.